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This week I decided to go home to visit my family and get away from my college town. I don't mind living here, but since I get no summer break *cries to self* it was a much needed step away from school life. Going home has truly become a breath of fresh air. When I was in undergrad I went home all the time so it didn't feel as special. Now, I have multiple commitments and grad school is more demanding. I probably go home once a month if that so it's been a major change for me.

It's weird going into my room and nearly everything is different. One of the many signs that I'm no longer a child, but it still feels like home. I especially loved my mom's home cooking and she always makes my favorite dishes when I visit. Home is where I can tune out the world, be around family and be still. It's really not about the material things such as the house itself and as I'm getting older that's becoming more apparent.

Here are a few things that make my home truly feel like home

1) Home cooked meals- No one can cook quite like a mom can and we all think our mom is the best! There's no better meal than one that is made with love.

2) Laughter- I love hearing laughter coming from the living room while I'm in my room watching tv or surfing the web. It's small moments like these that are touching.

3) Breakfast- Ok so I'm mentioning food again so forgive me, but I love when my mom makes breakfast. Everyone is getting refreshed for the day and making their first cup of coffee. She usually makes toast, eggs, maple sausage and bacon. It's a nice and tasty start to a new beginning.

4) Family photos- I couldn't help but to stare at old photos from years ago. It's amazing to see how far we all have come and all the amazing things we have yet to achieve. It's a friendly reminder of where we began.

What makes your house feel like home? Comment below!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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  1. A lovely post! I kind of have two homes. But laughter and people who I love definitely make it! And definitely my cats! They are the heart of my home and the ones that will always make me yearn to get home :)


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