How to Be Happy

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There couldn't be a quote more true and that is "Happiness is an inside job." Too often we look for happiness in money, houses, material things and people. Material things will never bring true happiness because they're not sustainable. Eventually you could run out of money, the house is no longer new and people come and go. The last thing you want to do to yourself is depend on people and things for fulfillment. Don't give anyone that power because they can take it away. True happiness has to come from within. Love yourself enough to believe in your dreams and accept the love that you give so often to others.

Make a Gratitude List: Instead of wishing for what you don't have, be grateful for what you do have. So many times I've heard people quote "others would be grateful to have your problems." This is so true. Sure, things aren't perfect, but when you take the time to look around, life really isn't all that bad. Grab some pretty paper and your favorite pen and write down every single thing life has blessed you with.

Keep a Positive Mindset: You are what you believe. It's so easy to fall into negative thinking and it's even harder to pull yourself out of it. Watch how you speak to yourself first thing in the morning. So many people start their day complaining about all the things they have to do. Instead, start each day with a positive thought to set the tone for the week

Forgive Others and Yourself: I admit, I'm guilty of holding grudges and the only person that ends up getting hurt is myself. I understand how hard it is to accept an apology you never got, but it is so imperative to truly living a happy live. Don't forget to forgive yourself. We can be our own worst critics, but remember that we all make mistakes and each day is a new beginning.

Believe in Yourself: It is your job to believe in yourself. You know exactly what you are capable of regardless of what anyone else says. Trust in your dreams and goals and pursue them unapologetically. You have one life to live so make the most of it.

Face Your Fears: Overcoming your fears means facing them head on. It will always be scary until you do it. You may have to try over and over again, but never give up. Nothing amazing was ever accomplished by staying in your comfort zone.

Have a wonderful day! 

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