What's in a Name

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The moment we meet someone we typically start out by stating our names. Then we may give a few not too personal details that give just enough insight into who we are and what we do. The things we do, where we live or career path may change, but our names stay the same (unless you change it of course, but most don't). It's one of the few things we have from the day we were born until the day we pass away. Beyond just being a way of identifying who we are, it's often worn like a badge of honor. My middle name comes from my grandmother and her mother. I feel honored that I'm carrying the name of two amazing women in our family tree and I want to pass it down to my future daughter to continue their legacy. Many of you probably share a similar story behind your name. Some inherit names of iconic figures in history. Names also have interesting meanings. My name (Ariona, pronounced like Ariana Grande) means "bringer of life." I used to dislike my name, not because of the name itself but because people would always mispronounce it. Unfortunately that hasn't changed, but oh well!

I have a board on Pinterest of names I love and hope to name my future children (that's normal right?). I want them to be proud of their name and it's really cool to look up all the name meanings. Here are few that I adore!

Isabella: Origin- Hebrew

Name meaning: Devoted to God

Anastasia: Origin- Greek

Name meaning: Resurrection

Chloe: Origin- Greek

Name meaning: "blooming" and "young green shoot"

Zane: Origin- Hebrew

Name meaning: God's gracious gift

Kai: Origin- Hawaii

Name meaning: Sea

Share the story behind your name. I would love to read and comment on it!

Have a wonderful day!

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