The Power of Words

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"Words aren't just encoded meaning, they're brush strokes. Apply them artfully." 

Words are powerful. The things we say each and everyday can have a significant impact on those around us whether we realize it or not. Although I was never someone to always say the first thing that came to my mind, there have been instances where I said something and wished I would have thought it through first. A single statement can make or break someone even if it wasn't your intention. This is why we have to make a conscious decision to be mindful of the words that come out of our mouths. This doesn't mean tip toeing around everything, but rather determining if it's necessary or if something positive or constructive will come out of it.

 I'm completely aware that you just never know what makes people upset. I have upset people before and saw no harm in the words I shared. I can be pretty sarcastic and I love making jokes, but the last thing I want to do is hurt someone, intentional or not. At the end of the day, if someone shares that they're upset or you can visibly see they're upset, apologize and move on. It's not worth debating over, and if you care about that person it makes sense to apologize.

According to many, it takes seven compliments to turn around one insult. I find this to be very true and unfortunate. For example, someone could make an amazing blog post that's filled with lovely comments and one person leaves a nasty comment that brings no value. The author may dwell on this for hours in spite of everything else that was said. I have been that person. It was hard to get over because it caught me off guard. I sat their just wondering, "why would someone say that to me?" I try to always create positive and uplifting content, not to avoid negativity, but simply because that's how I try to approach life and there's already enough negativity in the world.

The media is a great example of how impactful words really are. To spark certain emotions, trigger words are used. Many commercials use this tactic to get you to buy a product and an even better example this year would be campaign ads. Expect to hear words like hope, freedom and change. These words are what every person wants to hear and desires in a president. To describe their opponent you may hear words like lie and betray.

At the end of the day I'm typing this as a reminder to myself and anyone else that there is power in our words. Use them for good.

Have a wonderful day!

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