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Searching for an apartment can be a daunting task and even more so if you're moving into a studio apartment for the first time.  I love the idea of an open space, but preventing clutter and still wanting the privacy of a bedroom can be difficult to figure out. Another advantage is it can take the fear out of being in a large space by yourself. 

I recently contemplated living in a studio sized space and needed some inspiration. Luckily the internet is a vast and wonderful place where I can find all the inspiration I need. There are some great examples below as to how you can create a partition for a bedroom or office. A curtain, screen and a large bookshelf are easy to set up and can be inexpensive if you do some searching. Ikea would be my go-to for this project. This shelving unit is a popular choice to use as a partition. If you're really trying to be creative, grab some paint and stencils to make it your own. 

Storing items is something I struggle with, but I found a few ideas that will make it easier to handle. If you're a bookworm like I am, floating shelves are a great way to prevent your books from being scattered everywhere. Multipurpose furniture not only creates more space, but it also cuts down on spending money on multiple pieces. This bed has 4 large drawers that pull out from underneath it. Clothes, old magazines and handbags can take up a considerable amount of space and this could solve that problem. I had my TV mounted onto my wall at my last apartment and this also saves a lot of space. 

Living in a studio apartment doesn't necessarily mean limiting what you have, but it means getting creative with the space you do have. It's still something I would love to try in the near future. If you have any ideas, recommendations or suggestions, feel free to comment below and share your thoughts!

Have a wonderful day! 

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  1. These are beautiful apartment layouts! I also felt stressed about space when I was apartment hunting and it's nice to see inspiration!

  2. Stumbled upon your blog! It's very trendy! Great post, gives me a lot of great ideas for my small space! ^_~


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