Music Mondaze

5:00:00 AM

Here is the start of another series titled, "Music Mondaze." I'm always on the hunt for artists that aren't mainstream or less known if they are. I tend to find these amazing artists on SoundCloud which has to be my favorite place to discover music.

My first artist I want to share for Music Mondaze is Rukhsana Merrise, an alternative/acoustic singer from West London. As soon as I began listening to her songs I knew I would become an avid fan. Her music is soothing featuring acoustics and some african inspired instrumentals.  I am extremely jealous of everyone that has or will be seeing her perform live. This has now become one of the many reasons I want to visit Europe including One Direction of course!

Check out her music below

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I really love this! Always great to connect with others who are trying to get good music out there :)

    1. Thanks and I definitely agree!


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