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Having a small room is challenging. Having a small room and a lot of stuff is even worse. While spring isn't here yet, I really want to start clearing out my room of all the items that have accumulated and are just taking up space. The problem is, I just think about it and don't actually do it.  I'll see a shirt that hasn't been worn in ages, but make up some reason to justify keeping it. It's funny how you don't think about an item until it's time to give it up! One of my others problems is storage space. My dresser has just three drawers and my closet is overflowing with old clothes from years ago and new items. I really want to revamp my room, not only so I'll have more space, but I want my style to be captured in my room as well. It has looked the same for the past couple years now and like most people, I've changed since then. I want to have a more sophisticated room while still embracing my inner flower child.

Browsing for functional and pretty pieces to add can be fun and overwhelming. There's the usual places to look such a Target and Hobby Lobby, but I tend to find some real gems on Etsy. I love that most of their items are handmade so you're not going to find as many people with the same things in their home. Also it's nice to know where exactly you are getting your product from. When I began searching I knew I wanted items that could grow with me at any age.

The shoe rack is simple in design and very convenient. Shoes are one of my weaknesses despite the fact that I have them thrown carelessly under a chair. This piece is great because it gets the shoes off the ground to avoid damaging them and acts as a nice display for your favorite shoes. You could probably paint the wood if you wanted to add a personal touch. A clothing rack has been on my wish list for awhile. I never thought about having one until I saw them in room tours and in blog posts. It can look like another decor item while elegantly displaying lookbooks and outfits for the week. Not to mention, it is a much better place than the floor! The box shelf wall organizer seems like a lifesaver. I can't tell you the amount of times I misplaced the remote or lost my keys. Smaller items are easy to lose so having one place where it can be stored is a must. You can store office supplies, toys or even use it for small plants. When I stumbled across the teardrop bottle wall decoration I knew I had to include it. Flowers are always a nice touch to any home and this is a great way to display a variety. Lastly, I choose these rustic crates. It may seem like an odd choice, but there are so may possibilities that can come from using them. I have countless magazines and books without an established place and this would be perfect.


Long Shoe Rack in Wood: Avelere Design

U-Rack Wall Mount Clothing Rack- Samichi Design

Box Shelf Wall Organizer- Emily Another Cup

Teardrop Bottles Trio 3 Wall Decor- Pineknobs and Crickets

Vintage Wooden Berry Crate Rustic Industrial- Aurora Mills

I hope you found some items that may find their way to your home!

Have a wonderful day!

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