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Summer time is almost here and I'm super excited! The weather would make you think it's been here which I can appreciate.I love being able to soak up the sun and lay out by the pool. In this post I am showing you all how I style two denim pieces for the summertime. Denim is so versatile and can be worn all year round. Below I am styling high waist denim shorts and a denim jacket. Both pieces are pretty simple to work with. My shorts were originally jeans that I got from the thrift store. All I did was cut them and use tweezers to fray the bottom. You can customize your shorts by adding lace, studs, or even by painting a design on them. I paired it with a crop top, and if you're out late a night this varsity style jacket goes great with it. Add some arm candy to accessorize your outfit. 

Cute sun dresses are a staple for this time of year. They're a great way to look cute without having to try. Prices for these are also amazing! The versatility is endless when it comes to designs and patterns to choose from. Throw on a cute denim jacket to complete the look.This jacket has some tears in it for more of a distressed look. A pearl necklace would really complete this outfit! 

My personal favorite style of denim is acid wash. It has a unique look that stands out. With this in mind, wearing denim doesn't have to be boring. Experiment with different washes and colors. 
You can find cute pieces like these at stylemoi.  This website has a wide selection of denim pieces to choose from plus other trendy apparel. Check out the bottom of this post for some of their pieces that I was inspired by for this post. 

Find these and more here

Have a Wonderful Day! 

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