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Monetize your blog

It's so crazy to think that in two months my blog will be two years old! There's so much I still need to improve upon but this year I have made a lot of changes. One of my biggest regrets when I started this blog was beginning with zero knowledge..of anything about blogging. I just thought it looked cool and you got to share you thoughts with some pretty pictures. I didn't take into consideration the amount of time and effort that goes into each post. Everything from the layout, general design, and blog platform take so much work. Even taking pictures can be difficult if you don't have decent equipment. Not to mention learning all the legalities of blogging came as a surprise for me.

It has been quite the experience, but I love it which is why two years later I'm still at it! I want to grow so much more and I know I haven't been putting the best effort into my posts and promoting them, but I am now aware of the necessary steps I need to take to make this blog a huge success! 

I don't want any of you to make the same mistakes I made. Try to learn from me so you hopefully won't have to experience the same frustration.

I began this blog as I've mentioned before as a creative outlet in the midst of my studies.Although college has been a rewarding experience I still wanted something that I could call my own and that I could have complete control over. It gets pretty exhausting constantly doing work that doesn't always pertain to your career or interests. I needed an escape and this was it.

While this is a hobby, I try to take it seriously and want to make into a business as well. This is where monetizing the blog comes into the picture. Who doesn't want to make a little money off of what they love doing? I hope you find these tips helpful and will motivate you to take you blog to the next level regardless of how big or small your audience may be!

1. Affiliate programs- Affiliate programs allow bloggers to work with companies and promote their products in exchange for commission. It sounds easy and it can be, but it's very important that the companies you work with mesh well with your blog. Shareasale is great website that has a huge variety of companies to work with to meet your blogs' needs. Simply browse through the merchants(companies) and apply for the ones that interest you. Shareasale is also free to sign up for and the application process is very simple. Finding out if you are approved isn't a long wait. When creating content, make it genuine.  It's easy to tell when a blogger is simply writing a post in hopes of earning income as opposed to someone who believes in what they are writing as well as the brand they are sharing.

2. Make something- Right now I am in the process of making an ebook! An ebook is a great way to earn extra income and you can promote your blog in it as well. Leave your blog and social media links so readers will know where to find you. You can utilize old blog posts in your ebook that have received high remarks. If you're good at graphic design try making website templates, banners, or other graphics.

3. Coaching- Have a skill that's in demand? Why not make a class and teach it to others! Blogging is becoming increasingly popular and there are so many components to it. SEO, html, Photoshop and other skills are pretty useful and take some time to learn. It also doesn't have to be blog related. Share your gift with others!

Hopefully you all found this helpful and good luck!

Have a Wonderful Day!

*This content uses affiliate links. All opinions expressed are honest and my own*

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